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Doctor comes from the word "docere" to teach or instruct.  As a Naturopathic doctor, I want to make sure you are well-equipped to support and strengthen you and your family through all health events.  Below find the seminar series or class that will help you on your healthy journey.

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Naturopathic Home Skills

This seminar series is to help you become the strong, confidant, and the most reliable person for you and/or your family, come any given health situation. Being that Dr. Arce cannot always be present for some health emergencies, you can now be sure after this series, you will be more confidant in providing the care necessary when called upon or when you need a more skilled professional.


Terrain Model: Explained

What to expect

Terrain Model Live Online Webinar

(and recorded)

Sunday, February 25 10:30am - 11:45am ET

Tuition: $120

(You may attend live or register for recording.)

Join Marizelle Arce, naturopathic doctor and nutrition expert and Melanie Ryan, trauma expert and addiction

specialist for an introduction to the Terrain Model, the new paradigm of healthcare that heals your mind, body,

heart and soul.

The Terrain Model reconnects us to nature and our ancestors. It is the oldest form of healthcare known to the

planet, used by traditional people worldwide. Terrain Model is a holistic health model that teaches the three rootcauses of physical and mental illness and what you n eed to know in order to restore your health.

Are you tired of being sick and tired? Are you ready to leave the old paradigm and step into the new? Join us for

this online webinar and learn why the Terrain Model is the future of healthcare and how it can help you restore

vour health and reach our full potential.

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Feeding your baby

Power point Presentation (75 mins)

Discover what you should and shouldn't feed your baby and when to start.   (if there is available time, there will be a Q&A)  coming soon


Preparation and conception

What helps and what doesn't


Coming soon!

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