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Naturopathic Home Skills

This seminar is to bring you the necessary skills to support and nourish a healthy home, for you and your family. Each class will be a place where you can get in-depth, step-by-step instructions for many different situations that arise, like simple “colds” and stomachaches, to determining whether you need more professional support. With each class, you will slowly develop your on “naturopathic” toolkit to be well-equipped prior to any given situation.
These all will be video classes that you will able to interact and ask questions. This seminar series will move you ahead quickly in your troubleshooting while helping you avoid mistakes you’ve made before.

You can join each class separately, or join the whole series at the beginning.

Each of these are an online courses.  You do not have to be in the area to take each course.
Please take the time to see when registration closes.


You’ll learn in each section:


- The basic supplies you will need to care for you and/or your family for each circumstance

- Understanding the symptoms and signs and how to prepare and care

- The best practices to use when something happens and how to troubleshoot

- Understanding of how’s and the why’s of the body so helping the body becomes second nature

(Contact me if you would like to purchase the whole series.  There is a substantial discount)

December Class 1

Topics covered are Terrain model & Germ theory. Cold & Flu (incl. Symptoms of fever blisters, fever, rash, etc)

December 4th 2022, 2pm EST.  Registration closes on December 2nd 2022.

75mins $125

Image by Brittany Colette

Febuary Class 3

Digestive issues (including canker sores, diarrhea, constipation, bloating etc.)

Febuary 5th 2023, 2pm EST.  Registration closes on Feb 2nd 2023.

75mins $125

Image by Sam Burriss

April Class 5

Allergies, Skin issues, Yeast/candida internally and externally.

April 2nd 2023, 2pm EST.  Registration closes on March 30th 2023.

75mins $125

Image by Angélica Echeverry

June Class 7

Sunburn, Bites of all types, Poison ivy and other summer time disasters.

June 4th 2023, 2pm EST.  Registration closes on June 1st 2023.

75mins $125

Image by Erik Karits

January Class 2

Terrain explained further. Injuries (ie. black and blues), Frost bite, cooking burns, etc.

January 8th 2023, 2pm EST.  Registrations closes on January 5th 2023.

75mins $125

Image by Diana Polekhina

March Class 4

Fatigue and convalescence from all situations, ie hospital, accident, illness.

March 5th 2023, 2pm EST.  Registration closes on March 2nd 2023.


75mins $125

Image by Isabella and Zsa Fischer

May Class 6

Detoxing & Strengthening of body, mind, spirit (food as medicine).

May 7th 2023, 2pm EST.  Registration closes on March 3rd 2023.

75mins $125

Image by KirstenMarie

July Class 8

Mouth and teeth issues and growing pains of children. Review may be taken from any topic taught given the time.

July 2nd 2023, 2pm EST.  Registration closes on June 29th 2023.

75mins $125

Image by engin akyurt
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