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How to get rid of nail fungus quick and easy!

So you’re looking at your toe and you’re noticing the nail has thickened, hardened and is slightly lifting off the nail bed. yuck, that’s fungus. Find out what you can do to stop it before it gets worse.

Start getting new healthy regrowth with this easy method!

Your nail looks gross. Let’s fix that.

#1 Stop the nail polish & nail polish remover pronto

Seriously, stop it. That’s a bunch of chemicals your poor skin and nails have to be subjected to. It lowers their vitality and circulation leaving the door open to, well, infection. voila!

The chemicals in polish and remover are quite harmful and can be damaging to the replication of the cells in the area causing a lack of proper cellular repair.

In addition to that, your liver, kidneys, nerves and brain can be affected by it long term.

Consider using a less toxic brand like Karma nail polish later on. Waaaay later on.

#2 Soak the nail and finger in Raw apple cider vinegar

Yes! Try to do this at least 15 mins at least once a day. Make sure you do a 1:1 dilution in water. It can’t be too strong.

If you notice it bleeding, cracking, open in anyway, do not do this step! IT WILL HURT LIKE A MOTHERF*$#@*R.

Also if it has gotten to that point, please seek professional help from a holistic specialist!!

#3 Apply coconut oil during the day

Coconut oil is like Nature’s Bacitracin in this situation. It contains lauric, caprylic and mystric acid. All good fatty acids that don’t allow nasty fungus or bacteria to thrive.

I’d say slather it on and keep applying 3-4 times a day.

#4 Apply raw honey at night

This one is non-negotiable. This is the cherry-on-top so to speak.

The cincher, the closer, the piece de resistance!

Apply the honey (raw, unpasteruized, uncoooked, unheated) with a cotton swab and place a bandage over it.

This one can be done after the vinegar application if you can do that one.

#5 Be consistent

Make sure you do this minimally every night for 2 weeks. This is important!

It will help regrowth and heal the malfunctioning cells around the nail develop skin cells and nails better.

You can do it!

#6 Understand your fingers and the nails are part of the body and sign of deeper issue

I need you to understand this, ESPECIALLY if this is happening frequently.

You nails and skin are a part of you. Blood and lymph and all sorts of other things circulate in your fingers and feed and oxygenate the nail beds. They are not separate.

If fungus is a problem for you more than 1 time a year and lasts for more than 2-3 weeks consider:

Your sugar intake – sugar feeds fungus, this includes fruits and bread.

Your gut microbiome – probiotics and live fermented foods should be in your diet

Are you eating dead foods? – foods like pasteurized dairy, grains, or processed foods

Are you touching chemicals?

Are you wearing cotton socks?

Are you using hand sanitizers? – they actually create serious imbalances in your skins natural defense system.

These are things you needs to ask yourself because they will greatly effect your overall health and immune system as well!

Remember, seek professional help if this is not something you can handle.



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