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6 Reasons you should chuck your microwave out of the window

Find out why microwaves are hazardous to your health and why you can certainly live without one!

1. It’s radiation in your food, plain and simple.

Microwave ovens work by using very high levels of a certain frequency of RF radiation (in the microwave spectrum) to heat foods up. Foods generally contain some water and the microwave frequencies cause the water molecules to vibrate, which produce heat.

Even though it is considered non-ionizing radiation. its RADIATION. That word is gross. it should gross you out too. Sometimes exposed to a constant, small source of anything all the time can lead to disaster. Refer to the reference under #6.

2. It denatures proteins and many different vitamins

Water soluble vitamins will be disrupted if not destroyed by the severe vibration the water molecules undergo.

So vitamins like Vitamin C and all the B vitamins, will be mangled. These are essential for energy and immune function.

Folic Acid, a B vitamin, is essential for proper red blood cell development. This is totally destroyed in severe heat. Vitamin E also does not take well to heat. So as the water vibrates and heats up, that will be destroyed.

Proteins are even more disrupted in the microwave. Depending how hot it gets, protein molecules can be unwound, split and many of the amino acids destroyed. When the protein cools, it will be harder for the body to digest.


3. It doesn’t uniformly heat so it can over cook some parts and under-cook others

Because of the oscillating magnetic and electrical fields (remember a microwave is a big EMF box) generated by the magnetron inside the microwave, the food gets hit at different angles as the waves bounce around the inner box of the microwave.

Add the fact that food contains varied ingredients containing varying amounts of water, each ingredient will cook differently and get hit with the waves differently all while spinning around on the inner plate.

This can be dangerous in that some parts of your food can get overcooked, so then we refer to #2 above or it can be under-cooked and you can be exposing yourself to all sorts of stuff that may make you sick.

4. Has been shown to be the cause for certain health problems

Think about it: you are about to eat a food that has many of its nutrients and amino acids destroyed. People with already underlying issues and deficiencies will get worse. People with digestive problems – it will not get better. People sensitive to EMF, stay away. Also keep away from babies. Their skulls are not as thick and protective of the brain as adults skulls are.

Remember, naturally occurring enzymes, which are protein based, will be destroyed if the surrounding temperature goes over 140 degrees F.

Here’s other reasons to stay away:

One study found that just 1 minute of microwaving destroyed some of the cancer-fighting compounds in garlic, while this took 45 minutes in a conventional oven.

Another study showed that microwaving destroyed 97% of flavonoid antioxidants in broccoli, while boiling only destroyed 66%. CLICK HERE FOR THAT STUDY

6. Can be leaking radiation when its being run, causing you and/or loved ones long-term harm

Dr. Abram Pelkau, did some research for the Canadian Atomic Energy Laboratories back in 1972. He wanted to find out how chemicals cross the cell membrane to enter living cells and he discovered that under some conditions the cell membranes rupture more easily than what had been previously recorded…In order for the membrane to rupture with this amount of radiation, they were zapped with the x-Ray machine for several minutes, however, when Pelkau irradiated the cells slowly, by adding small doses of radioactive salt to the water surrounding the cells, the membranes ruptured at a dose of less than one rad. (taken from Sara Shannon’s book, Diet for the Atomic Age)

WHAT! Less than ONE RAD!

Here’s a link to an article showing how very low dose radiation can damage the integrity of the skin – LOW DOSE RADIATION

There people with specialized meters that can register all sorts of EMR (Electromagnetic radiation) they have shown how these microwaves leak. CLICK HERE

So there you have it. Rethink your exposure to one and rethink even owning one. Also consider lots of diners and restaurants use it to “heat” up their food, ewww.

And let me leave you with this little nugget of info:

A friend of mine, from @wolfmoonwellness did a little experiment. She fed 2 plants water. One with filtered/purified water and the other she microwaved the water. Look below to see the results after 9 days!!!

Ewwwwww! Now imagine your food!!!



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