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Truth About Fluoride

Casey J Krol

Jan 27, 2022

Fluoride In Coffee: Ranking & Guide (238+ Coffees Tested)

It seems like fluoride has found its way into many things, but is there fluoride in coffee?

The beverage that millions around the world rely on everyday to get their day started.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that there is very little research in regards to fluoride in coffee.

However, there is good news

Truth About Fluoride has new information after testing over 238+ samples of coffee for fluoride.

What We Already Know About Fluoride In Coffee

When it comes to coffee, it’s a bit more unique than other sources of fluoride.

For instance, fluoride content in coffee is not “high”, especially compared to fluoride in tea or even fluoride in kombucha.

However, studies have shown that plasma fluoride concentrations are higher by up to 100% when fluoride is ingested alongside caffeine (like when drinking coffee) compared to ingestion alongside water.

Suggesting an increased initial absorption rate of fluoride within the body.

In other words, lower levels of fluoride may have a stronger effect.....


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