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My Favorite Milkshake…

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Nothing says childhood and cheating on your diet than a milkshake. But the one I make is absolutely to die for and its super healthy. WHAAAATTTT?!?! Let me tell you….

So the ingredients I use are:

Raw milk

Strawberries (if i can get them local)

Panela sugar or Raw honey. #ad

2 raw egg yolks (pastured and organic)

1/2 tsp of vanilla extract #ad

1 tsp of raw butter

1 tsp of maca (when i wasn’t breast-feeding) #ad

Now it’s important to know that there are many other things you can add to your shake, like:

Soaked Chia seeds

probiotic powder

You can also change the base of raw milk to:

Coconut milk (not the best but if you need to deal with it). #ad

raw goat milk

Raw sheep milk (super yum)

raw yogurt

raw kefir

raw buttermilk (also super yum)

I also sometimes add ice for an ice cream consistency.

Please don’t ruin this shake with:

maple syrup (too sugary)

pasteurized dairy (congesting)

regular sugar (come on now)

crappy protein powders

veggie protein powders

“greens’ powders that contain kale and stevia


synthetic vitamin powders

too much fruit

raw leafy greens (are you a rabbit?)

water as base instead of a fat liquid

And that’s that! Experiment with different fruits like mango, blueberries or just make it plain vanilla. Have fun!




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